Redefining the science of surfaces

We transform how materials work at the surface, enabling new applications and creating new technologies.

02—Who we can help

Our solutions enable innovation, efficient manufacturing, and enhanced product performance across a large range of industries

We're capitalising on the potential of our unique carbene chemistry. That's why we're keen to collaborate with leading companies and academics that share our vision to develop transformative products and materials.

03—Our Technology

Built on over 20 years of R&D, our technology platform for surfaces is called ONTO™

ONTO™ is our versatile technology platform built on reactive carbene chemistry, materials science, and nanotechnology to control surface functionality. By controlling surface chemistry we enable different applications.

04—Who We Are

OXECO is a chem-tech company originating from the University of Oxford's Department of Chemistry

We are situated within Oxford University’s wholly-owned innovation hub, at Begbroke Science Park.

Our team brings together the scientific experience and innovation mindset to develop products and materials for the future.