Redefining the science of surfaces

We transform how materials work at the surface, enabling new applications and creating new technologies.


Materials create the way that our lives are lived, but materials have limitations at the surface

Surfaces are fundamental to the performance of modern materials. By tailoring surface chemistry, materials can resist environmental damage, better join to other materials, and conduct electrons more efficiently.


Built on over 20 years of R&D, our technology platform for surfaces is called ONTO™

ONTO™ is our versatile technology platform built on reactive carbene chemistry, materials science, and nanotechnology to control surface functionality. By controlling surface chemistry we enable different applications.


Our wet chemical solution can be sprayed or applied to control surface properties

Our two main focus areas are controlling adhesion properties and wetting properties. These find applications in anything from the painting of composites to new materials for batteries.


Our team brings together the expertise and innovation mindset to develop and commercialise breakthrough materials